Meet the Team – Luke


Luke Hamerton

Specialist area: Weight Loss and Body Transformation

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
Post: Vanilla protein shake with oats and peanut butter. 

Luke Hamerton - level 3 qualified personal trainer - is a former rugby captain with a penchant for swimming, running and diving. His specialist areas include weight loss, performance enhancement and nutrition. Like the rest of the team, Luke is strictly anti-fad; his methods are grounded in science and based on strength training combined with cardio. Clients can’t get enough of his signature full body workouts which splice together compound lifts, explosive power moves and circuits - always with a focus on targeting all four muscle groups. Never let it be said he’s not thorough! As well as experience mentoring and coaching kids, Luke just happens to be a qualified life guard. Expect to get chucked in the deep end.

When the going gets tough the tough... dig deeper and results will come!!