Transition Zone bridges the gap between one-on-one training and the all-too-often faceless anonymity of corporate gyms and large group classes. Being part of our ‘club’ gives you the flexibility to try different training disciplines and get coached and mentored by our highly experienced instructors, at a price you can afford. Think of it as group personal training without the cost. Our classes in TRX, Power Plate, Pilates Chair, Hiper Zone and Boxing may be deliberately small but our membership options are surprisingly generous, with exclusive discounts on a range of additional services, including Personal Training, Nutrition Consultations, Post Natal Programmes and Recovery Cafe products.

New Clients

Buy one class and get the second one on us

£25.00 (£12.50 per class)

*Terms: Buy one class and get the second one on us – expires 14 days from purchase. New clients only. One per person.

10 Day HIT

Introductory offer – 10 consecutive days of classes


*Terms: 10 days of classes – expires 10 days from your first class. New clients only. One per person. Maximum 1 class per day. No shows or cancellations outside of the 24 hour period will be charged at £10.00 per class (up to six classes a week).

Class Packages

25 min Power Plate classes; 45 min TRX, BoxingReformer Pilates Chair or HiPer Zone Circuit.

HIT 1 class packs allow you access to every fitness discipline on the timetable. Our 25 min Power Plate classes (also known as accelerated training) offer the ultimate high intensity workout. They will see you working at 90% intensity, which is the equivalent of a 90 minute session. Or try our 45 min TRXBoxing, Reformer Pilates Chair or HiPer Zone Endurance or Speed Circuit (with heart Rate Monitor). For best results, mix them up and repeat. A HIT 1 package will ensure you train every muscle group without ever getting bored.

5 packs*: 
10 packs*:
20 packs*: 

£120.00 (£24.00 per class)
£200.00 (£20.00 per class)
£360.00 (£18.00 per class)

30 min – TRX

HIT 2 is fast, furious and the perfect fitness solution if you're short on time but still want results. Double the impact by trying these B2B or combine with Power Plate – that's two classes in an hour and not for the fainthearted!

5 packs*: 
10 packs*:
20 packs*: 

£90.00 (£18.00 per class)
£150.00 (£15.00 per class)
£250.00 (£12.50 per class)

*Terms:   Single Class: Expires 7 days from purchase.  5 Class Package: Expires 2 months from first class. 
0 Class Package: Expires 4 months from first class.  20 Class Package: Expires 6 months from first class. 


Our Monthly HIT membership is designed to encourage regular commitment as well as help motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. You can mix up it up with a choice of any class on the timetable so there's no excuse to get bored! This monthly membership entitles you to:

12 x classes
(3 classes per week – any combination)

£210.00* (£17.50 per class)

*Terms: Offer expires 30 days from your first class.

3 Month HIT

3 MONTH HIT allows access to any class on the timetable. 12 classes a month for just £150 per month (that works out to a mere £12.50 a pop), the only proviso is that you book for the full three months (in monthly installments). 

12 x classes per month
(3 classes per week – any combination)

£150.00 PCM (£12.50 per class)

*Terms: To qualify for the 3 MONTH HIT package you’re committing to pay £150 per month (for a minimum of a 3 months duration). This will be set up as a standing order from your bank account. Cancellation outside of this agreement will result in movement to our Monthly HIT package at £210 per month.

If you’re preparing for a special event, holiday or just want to set yourself a personal challenge, why not try our Ultimate HIT. This monthly membership entitles you to:

15 x classes (any type),
2 x deep tissue massages,
1 x 45 min Monitor Me consultation,
5 x post exercise recovery juices or freshly
prepared smoothies. 


*Terms: Offer expires 30 days from your first class.

Many employers are seeing the benefits of introducing fitness measures at work. Like us, they know that physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins so a fit workforce is a happy workforce and that’s great for business. We offer  25, 30 and 45 minute high intensity training (HIT) classes that burn calories, supercharge fitness levels and leave you feeling top of your game - all within the space of an hour. What’s not to like?

Better still, if you can group three or more people together, we’ll give you 15% off our Monthly HIT package and 10% off HIT1 & HIT2 (10 or 20 Packs).

To find out how we can help get the most from your business, please call 020 7736 2070 or email quoting CORPHIT.

Group PT


Our Group Personal Training classes are now available to book on the timetable and tick all the right boxes to ensure you realise your fitness goals in record time. Our Group PT classes are small - never more than four people

1-to-1 Zone

Personal Training

Sessions are 45 and 60 min:

Prices start from £65.00

For more information about our Personal Training sessions visit our 1-to-1 Zone page.

Monitor Me

First consultation (45 min): 

Follow up (30 min):  



For more information about our Monitor Me consultations visit our 1-to-1 Zone page.

First consultation (60 min): 

Follow up (45 min):



* Please note that prior to any consultation, you'll be required to complete a brief questionnaire.

Bounce Back

First consultation (60 min):

Follow up (45 min):



Plus a Bounce Back training schedule which will be tailored-made.