Meet the Team – Rob Scholten

Rob Scholten

Rob Scholten

Specialist area: Boxing, TRX, Hiper Zone, Pilates and Power Plate.

Ultimate pre and post-workout snack: 
Good quality coffee and a banana.
Post: A handful of mixed nuts and dried fruit & rice protein shake with added BCAA and creatine.

A background in martial arts – he’s competed in judo, Muay Thai, boxing and MMA since the age of 10 – combined with 25 years in the industry, makes Rob a fitness tour de force. A staunch believer in function over form, he believes body aesthetics are only possible with the right exercise, movement patterns and nutrition.

With science-based disciplines informing his approach, Rob is constantly looking to improve his knowledge and keep up-to-date on how to most effectively improve and maintain both his and his clients’ health. Fast fixes and fad diets are anathema to Rob; he loves nothing more than demonstrating how continuous small changes to behaviour, exercise and eating habits bring results that last.

Having trained a wide variety of clients – from martial artists in peak condition to people recovering from injury – Rob knows that everyone has different fitness requirements, and has the experience and expertise to match his approach accordingly.

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Rob Scholten
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